John Reid

John Reid was a well known and very influential naturalist from the Melbourne area who inspired many thousands of children and adults to better understand and love the places where they live.

As Val Himmelreich and Jean Edwards say in their memorial, “His knowledge of plants, birds and other fauna was exceptional and his quiet yet authoritative way of imparting his knowledge to those around him started many of us on a path of understanding and appreciation of our local natural environment”.

I met John many times while living in the Dandenongs, and loved his quiet passion for natural landscapes and his remarkable knowledge of plants and animals. He was a genuine and authentic person, and his passing in February will leave a big gap in the lives of many, and a real loss of knowledge about natural systems, at a time when we need this knowledge more than ever.

Thank-you, John, for your works to educate and empower people to understand and protect their home place. Go well.

The following story about John comes from the wonderful regional newsletter The Understorey.

The Dandenong Ranges

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