the Great Forest National Park

Victoria’s Great Forest Experience – Melbourne’s New Playground

1377636379Just 60 kilometre’s East of Melbourne there grows some of the tallest tree’s on earth. In their high canopy a plethora of gliders, owls and the tiny Leadbeater’s Possum dwells. These forests have flourished along the great divide under rich rainfall patterns and provide most of Melbourne’s drinking water.  The forests been scientifically shown to be the most carbon rich forests on earth due to their cooler climate and epic growth heights.

The new Great Forest National Park is a proposal to create a two tiered park system for bush users and bush lovers alike that protects and maintains this important ecosystem function. The park stretches from the Kinglake National Park right through to the Baw Baw’s and to the North East up to Eildon. The park will host a range of activities such as bike riding, bushwalking, bird walking, 4wd driving, camping, zip line tours and more.

This proposal comes from Healesville Environment Watch, My Environment and Friends of Leadbeatters Possum.

Further details here.

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