Logging halted in forest on the Errinundra Plateau today

This report comes from Goongerah Environment Centre. The actions are part of the Fearless Summer campaign.

Image: GECO. NB: this photo is from the Dec 12 action
Image: GECO. NB: this photo is from the Dec 12 action

Environmentalists have halted logging in state forest on the iconic Errinundra Plateau in East Gippsland. One person has climbed a tree more than 40 metres, and sits on a platform tied to machinery.

“Until recently this area of forest was reserved as a special protection zone, it contains a number of different forest types and is of high conservation value. It also contains old growth forest and is a known site for the endangered powerful owl.” Said David Caldwell, spokesperson for Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO)

“This area was made available for logging in 2011as part of changes to the informal reserve system. This process swapped a large number of forest areas reserved for specific values, for areas that don’t reflect the same value. This has been something of a lifeline to the logging industry, who have repeatedly shown poor management of Victoria’s forests at the expense of the taxpayer.” He said.

“This is another example of forest destruction in the face of evidence of threatened species. Our native forests are becoming degraded and without areas like this one, they won’t be able to provide our endangered animals with a chance to survive. This is a looming extinction crisis that is being assisted by forest agencies around the nation.” Said Miranda Gibson spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

Today’s action is the latest in a series of actions over the last week, known as Fearless Summer, a coalition of grassroots environment groups, committed to an end to industrial scale native forest logging and export woodchipping.


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