Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing is a film led movement to get more kids (and their folks!) outside and reconnecting with nature. The film is an ambitious, feature-length documentary that takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, the increasingly disparate connection between children and nature.

And Project Wild Thing is much more than a film, this is a growing movement of organisations and individuals who care deeply about the need for nature connected, free-range, roaming and outdoor playing kids in the 21st century. Hundreds of people have already committed huge amounts of time, energy, resources and money to help get the project where it is today. Which is really just the beginning”.

It is effectively a nature marketing program, aiming to sell the benefits of being outdoors, especially for kids. Amen to that. The founder notes that, in places like the UK kids have never “been more disconnected from the natural world. The roaming distance that children play from their home has shrunk by 90% in 30 years with time spent playing outside down 50% in just one generation. At the same time study after study shows time spent outside in nature increases happiness, health and wellbeing in kids.”

The key message is simple: to swap screen time for outside time.

The founder of the project, David Bond, is currently in Australia, and there is one last event, on Monday, 1 September in Collingwood (VIC). Tickets available here.

You can also get involved in activities through The Wild Network, which is connected with the film project.


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