a chance to help protect the Bogong High Plains

BHPHawkweeds are a highly invasive pest plant species which can cause major environmental damage in alpine and sub-alpine areas of Australia if not eradicated early. Native to Europe, Hawkweeds have recently become naturalised on mainland Australia. Hawkweeds spread quickly via runners and roots, forming dense mats inhibiting and outcompeting native vegetation.

For several years, Parks Victoria has co-ordinated volunteer teams each summer to remove Hawkweed on the Bogong High Plains.

Volunteer recruitment is now open for the 2014/2015 season Falls Creek Hawkweed Survey. Participating in the Falls Creek Volunteer surveys is a great way to help protect the Victorian Alps from this dangerous weed, as well as a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the magnificent alpine environment during the green summer months.

Accommodation will be provided at Falls Creek Alpine Resort. Transport will be provided to and from survey areas each day.

The dates for the 2014/2015 season are:

Session 1: Monday the 15th – Friday the 19th of December

Session 2: Saturday the 27th – Wednesday the 31st of December

Session 3: Monday the 5th – Friday the 9th of January

Session 4: Monday the 12th – Friday the 16th of January

Session 5: Monday the 19th – Friday the 23rd of January

To express your interest in the program please contact:

The Hawkweed Team, Parks Victoria

P: (03) 5754 4693 E: hawkweed@parks.vic.gov.au

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