Tall Trees and Tributaries

Scenes on the Yarra is a series of 7 site-specific performance workshops
that end with community celebrated performance.

The projects are planned along the length of the river from the headwaters to the sea.

Tall Trees and Tributaries
Sunday 19th April 4.30pm
Free Event
All Ages
Federation Square & Birrarung Marr

Tall Trees and Tributaries brought together artists and knowledge holders in the forests of the Yarra Valley to ignite the creation of a performance and art installation at Birrarung Marr. In early April 2014 several artists  from the Yarra Valley travelled to the Ada Tree and Kalatha Tree  as part of a five-day art workshop. They made art in the moment of inspiration in the middle of the forest. Stories were shared; collaborations between artists developed.

Participating artists had the opportunity to learn from local historians, Aboriginal historians, environmentalists, and scientists. They also gained insight from the Knitting Nannas of Toolangi and a resident from the Little Red Toolangi Treehouse. Performance, singing and artistic workshops were run each day, led by our team.  A local filmmaker captured all this, turning it into a short documentary.

Tall Trees and Tributaries is a new project that has sprung out of  Scenes on the Yarra, a series of site-specific performance/installations which were held in Warburton, Yarra Glen and Warrandyte in 2013, and will continue along the Yarra River from the Headwaters to the Sea. This time Scenes on the Yarra has joined forces with Warburton Environment, an important community group working towards the creation of the Great Forest National Park– Protecting the last of our old growth forests to preserve endangered species and Melbourne’s drinking water.

Full list of the sites – from the headwaters to the sea
Warburton (completed) 
Yarra Glen (completed)
Warrandyte (completed)
Herring Island (completed)
Biirarung Marr (Tall Trees and Tributaries)  19th April 2015 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Docklands  (September 2015)
Williamstown (November 2015)


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