Walking Slowly Downhill

This is a lovely project. Domenico de Clario intends to walk the entire length of the Murray River. This is timed as part of the Mildura Palimpsest Biennale, a “uniquely experiential program of contemporary interdisciplinary art, developed through site-specific residencies in the inland Mildura region of Australia”.


Domenico de Clario (Italy/Aus) will walk the entire length of the Murray River from its source at Mt. Kosciuszko National Park to the river mouth at Goolwa, SA. His first step, before setting out on the journey, has been to request permission from Traditional Owners along the Murray River to walk their country. From this first step the project will unfold in as yet unknowable ways….

August 15 until November 26, 2015

Domenico was born in Trieste, Italy, in 1947; he immigrated with his parents and sister to Australia in 1956 and all have lived and worked in Melbourne since then.

He wishes to walk upon and through Country (with the permission of its Elders) because he wants to walk the length of the Murray River, from source to mouth, as a beginner; perhaps even as a migrant singing his way through the journey from the watershed of the Murray deep in the Snowy Mountains to the Goolwa.

This walking project is combined with Weaving Stories.

“Weaving Stories is a major collaborative fibre art installation for the biennale created by Indigenous weavers from many Murray River nations. Weaving Stories will represent each of these nations in the Biennale exhibition through the unbroken threads of many stories woven together in a narrative of the Murray River and its people”.

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