Summer or Drought?

My latest installment from Castlemaine.



It’s summer and the fear has set in. Yes, fear about the fires but after a warm winter, dry spring, and a baking early summer I wonder if we’re wheeling back into a long drought. Friends in the Chewton forest are already buying water. The creeks are dry, the soil is so dry. Even the bush looks stressed, closed down and waiting, tree tops thinning out, understory just hanging in there.

The Fifth Sacred Thing is a novel set in a not too distant post climate change future. The book opens in late summer, when water supplies are dwindling, and big processions of people wind slowly up the hills above San Francisco to pray that the rains will come. I often start to feel like this as we ease into the brutal reality of summer north of the divide. But this year seems a little different.

You can read more here.


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